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Traveling becomes more charming if you find a suitable stay that offers you a blend of ‘freedom and features’. These nuances are the basic constituents of a youth hostel. Although it may not be as high-tech or luxurious as a five star hotel, it does bring out your inner youth in a meaningful way. You get to meet new people and share experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise get to if you were traveling alone.

Hostels offer a variety of facilities, from swimming pools to on-site bowling alleys. And the best part is they are exceptionally reasonable- a union of effective and economical. When touring the Hawaiian Islands for the first time, staying at a youth hostel may seem limited in terms of luxury or features, but it’s much more fun than you can imagine! And it won’t be long before you’ve made a whole bunch of new mates, and you’ll be making plans to wander off to your next destination together.

There is a common misconception that hostels in some way resemble homeless shelters. But this isn’t true. Many beach vacation hostels, say for example the youth hostel in Waikiki, is closer to resorts than those you might expect to find in Hawaii. Many provide the option of breakfast or your own (non-communal) room if you are willing to pay that little extra amount, for added luxury of course.

Modern-day hostels are designed to be social hubs that enable you to have fun with other travelers. One of the ways to do this is by organizing loads of fun events. These are usually free and can be anything from surfing classes to picnics on the beach.

If you haven’t seen any pictures of hostels lately, then you better be prepared for the surprise that lies ahead of you. In terms of facilities, many hostels have everything you would expect from a star hotel. From daily housekeeping and laundry facilities to food and drinks- hostels offer all the good stuff you can think of. And guess what? Food and drink in hostels are often free. However, you should always read the hostel’s description and check the online ratings carefully before you book.

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